Hi Everyone, thanks for being here among my drawings. I’m Heleonore, freelance illustrator and tattoo artist, owner of DuFreak Tattoo Studio located in Rome.

My inspirations comes from Comics, Pop Surrealism, Celtic Mythology, Fantastic Creatures and Animal Kingdom. 

I like to use different kind of techniques , both traditional and digital 

I can do sketches according to your requests. I accept a great variety of genres, styles and themes. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. 


• Illustrations

• Character Design

• Concept Art

• Comics

• Storyboards 

• Portraits & Paintings 

• Children’s book illustrations

• Tattoo designs

• T-shirt Designs

• Book Covers

• Music Album Cover Art / Full Artwork

• photo editing and photomanipulation

• Advertising

• Logos

• Board Games 

• Cards

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Info & enquiries:


whatsapp : 3491660120

 Find me on:

Instagram: @hel.dufreak